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Someone said that Freedom of Speech was thinking up the most horrible image of public speaking, (i.e. porn, burning the flag, radical groups, etc.) and defending their right to do so. it seems to me that All freedoms are based on a balance that can be easily tipped over from either the far right or left. In many cases you have to watch what you wish for, as it might come true. The idea comes to me that the far extremes will only interest a small group and the general public will not participate of be harmed from anothers view. From the other side the potential offender is trying to see what will get you excited and possibly upset the balance. If I was around in the late 30's or early 60's I would have cried foul at injustice and discrimination. In today's environment of
political agenda's it seems more important to protect
everyone by allowing the few their freedom rather than drawing the first line in a political debate. I am sure all the pictures in question would be allowed in some public format on the internet. In both of these forums they will only be viewed by a very few unless sensationalized out of proportion by the politics or the press.


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