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Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 11:27 PM
CharlieJ wrote
In part:

>What kinda queshun is dat? Am I a Staten Islander? Ax JR, >ax rs, ax Gina, ax OT or Margie, ax Art, ax DBLIVIT. No >don't ax DBLIVIT - he caught me putting St. Vincent's >Hospital in the wrong place. So he still ain't sure I'm not >a ringer. But honest injun - born & raised on SI. Lived in >Richmondtown, Great Kills, Bay Terrace, Grant City and New >Dorp. Hung around a lot in Stapleton chasing a female of >the species. Graduate of NDHS.

G-YEP! CharlieJ is one of uzzz...RS CharlieJ even broke bread with him out on the "Left Coast" in 97...or was it 98 WOW! how time flies. Now I gotta tell ya I don't think RS verified ChalieJ's credentials or anything like dat...heard it was the Staten Island Slinguage dat CharlieJ spoke dat nailed him as a StatNislander LOL

Interesting huh BW how we three have the same SI home roots, traveled the same circle only years apart...I think CharlieJ was the pioneer who made the path for us, over the hills, through the woods in & around Richmond Town and NDHS ROFL - wonder if they had a "Dudley Doll" back in dem days YUCK!

Small World AEHHHH!


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