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Awww mimi!!! What a beautiful and heartfelt post.

I'm so glad that you liked the story and even more glad that you understood the message, although I'm not at all surprised. I have always felt you to be a warm person. It's so obvious in the supportive and gentle manner in which to respond to posts here. Even your choice of which posts you respond to is an indicator. *S*

Just as you said, the message here is a very powerful one. It's a very powerful one indeed. Your other words about it are also right on. Yes, it does use sugary words and yes, it's obvious that it's trying to pack a whallop in the emotional impact department but as you also said, one should not loose sight of the powerful message in the midst of a bunch of knit picky details. That does not mean that I always blanketly disregard details, because I don't. It means that I think, and reason, about each and every occasion where it comes into my sphere of reference. The "Does the end justify the means" question has always been a biggy in debate circles. The real answer, in my humble opinion, is that there is no clear cut and neat and tidy answer about that. No, I do not think that all sorts of horrific actions are "acceptable" just as long as the end result is a good one, but I also don't think that this was one of those types of occasions either. Was the Professor a sterling example of all that a Teacher is and can be by classifying his students in such categories as "S for Strange"??? Of course not, and I don't think anyone with a brain cell or two would try to argue that it is, but, for those of us who live on planet REALITY we know that unfortunately it does happen...and unfortunately, quite often to boot! It's called a human foible. I don't think anywhere in the article the Professor tried to portray that propensity of his to "categorize" students as something that would put him on the list for Cannonization or anything, but at the very least he did openly admit it. That's a lot more than some others do. Awareness is always the first step to growth. When I read that story I too was taken aback by a "TEACHER" filing a student under "S for Strange", but then I let all of that go when I read the rest of the piece as it was quite obvious that not only wasn't it extoling that practice, but it was saying something quite wonderful and necessary for some people....something I have personally come to know as well.

Regarding the more personal details you shared with me: I'm humbled by the raw truth in which you shared with me as well as the profound suffering you went through. I say humbled because while you say that you've never been able to find that deep faith which you see in others I feel something quite different from you which is one very gentle ~*Heart and Soul*~. Mimi, You don't realize it my friend, but you have more FAITH then you know. ~Unconditional Love~, service to their fellow man, support and compassion for those hurting....THAT IS GOD!!!! And it's Faith as well. You had Faith in the Professor's final message! You had Faith in ME!!!!! You do have Faith, you just don't realize it yet....or do you? *S*

Some of us come into this plane and suffer the slings and arrows that life tosses our way directly. Others, face them indirectly through the pain and suffering of others. Neither pain is bigger or more exhaulted, or more heavy a cross to bear. Pain is pain. Hurt is hurt. Suffering is suffering.

I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible last 4 years. Ironically, 4 years is significant for me too. A couple of days ago (September 29th) was my ~BEing~ cancer free for 4 Years Anniversary! *S* EEK! Lot's of memories there for me. Some good, some not so good, but the bottom line is that I'm here safe and sound! *S* My Father also passed on during that time as did my 2 Uncles which were my Father's brothers. My Family, like yours, was faced with one death or cancer crisis after another and all in a short time. (There were a couple of cousins and an Aunt who found out they had cancer during that time.)

As far as your saying that you've never been able to find that peace and faith that you see in others.....I swear to're NOT a failure...and you do have it!!!!!! All you have to do is learn to let the pain go. It's the pain that you're feeling, not a lack of faith. Just release the pain.....and you will have Peace!!!!!

You know, in your efforts to support ME I think you might have already released some of the pain! *S* Talking about things that hurt us ALWAYS helps that way.

If you ever want to vent about anything, or say a great big generic GRRRRR or even just sort of girl talk to help yourself through a difficult time*S*...I'm here for you!!! Feel free to USE ME! *LOL*

I once again Thank You for your understanding and most of all your support. Be well, be happy and be free!!!! It's a simple as *snaps her fingers* ~~~>THAT<~~~!!!! Trust me, you have Faith, it's just packaged in a way that you're not recognizing yet....

...but you will!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Light~* & Great Big {{{{HUGS}}} To You!!!


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