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Well U two sure R buzzzzzzzzzzing LOUD...I couldn't help but oVEr hear so I had to drop what I was doing an run over here to join ya...oh wait let me get a cuppa

OK I'm back, ahhhhhhhh dats betterer (_)> <-a whole mug full, fresh brewed w/ just a touch...well let's say a pinch of cinnamon as it brews...hmmmmmmmm good. Ya know it's that pinch that makes the difference between so,so & OH IT's SO GOOD...glad I thought of it :)

Ya know I always had fun playing with different flavors - came uP w/ a few that treat the pallet well...cinnamon being the daily BUT U can change off w/ anisette extract...YEP that food flavoring stuff - I use bout 1/2 tsp. or less depending on how cups of kaWfee I'm making but U'll have to adjust to personal taste. When I add anisette extract while the kaWfee's brewing...the aroma is scrumptious and the kaWfee taste just like U added the real stuff but without the buzzzzzz LOL I've also played around adding different flavors. Had pretty good taste results w/ Raspberry, Peppermint, Black Walnut, Almond Vanilla Nut, and Hazel Nut...try it you'll like it :)

Pssssssssttttttt don't tell n e 1 but I used to fool my Dad and Father-in-Law alllllllllllllllll the time w/ my anisette flavored kaWfee LOL - they always liked it after dinner & went for 2nds everytime. They're both hanging out in in Heaven now but I bet they still have their Sunday "after dinner" stuff ROFL

Listen I'll be back later...the Pee Wee dog is sitting by the door w/ her lease between her teeth...think that means she's gotta go potty. C ya later

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