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I want to be clear that in my opinion not all of the work is in the best taste. I certainly do not agree with desecration of what people hold sacred. Nor do I agree that unethical treatment of animals is necessarily in the best taste. But this is someones self expression. Something from deep inside of an artist. You have a choice to attend or not. You also have a choice to support art as a whole or not to support it at all. Not half ass-support when it damn well suites your taste and your belief!

I started taking my son to art galleries and museums before he could even walk. From the time he was old enough to understand I taught him that art is self expression and it is strictly based on what one person feels and sees. You may or may not see it the same way. But you should never, never, insult or degrade that work, because when you do, you insult and degrade the person who created it.

We have no right to make anyone feel any less than what they are.

My whole point, and then I will shut up... :)
is that we either pay for all or pay for none. Not all for some and none for others dependant upon our individual opinion.


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