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Donna, GirlFriend! You must have that special connection open again. I have been sending -G- "mental" messages all day. She must have her antennae down, I haven't heard from her. But no fear, she'll be here soon. I "feel" it.

Oh, this old chair, well actually...

***crossing legs and stirring coffee***

I wasn't going to say anything, but I DID dig it out of the dumpster behind the Home Depot. Someone must have tossed it, and it would have gone to waste if I wouldn't have rescued it.

After I got all of the cookie crumbs and grape juice stains off of it, I think it cleaned up rather well, (not unlike a good man). I think Martha Stewart would be proud of me.

I agree, there are many treasures to be found. Another place I find good pickings is out of the Goodwill box by KMart. (you kind of have to do this at night though, for some strange reason, Goodwill gets upset if you "find" items there. Go figure!?)

I find great pleasure in giving old items a "new life".

***Reaching for a refill on the coffee****

BTW, this is the best coffee I have ever had. Did you get this from that wacky columbian Juan Valdez or is this homegrown? Mmmm, Mmmm good.

Ooh crap, I broke a nail. Do you have a file? I hate it when that happens. I just got my nails done too. Oh, phooey. Do you like the color? Look...

**** taking shoe off****

they match my toenails!

I better run out to the car and grab that book I was talking about earlier, I will be right back....


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