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Hey DJ...

I like, LOVE that chair girl!!! It's tres Cool! It's got a comfy kinda, home~y kinda ~lived in~ look. NEATO! Did you like, buy it that way or did you and Lou make it that way? Either one is pretty cool! Orrrrrr.....wait a minute! I'm getting a vision!!!! Don't tell me YOU GOT IT ON GARBAGE NIGHT!!!!!

AGGGGGGGHHHHHH *Donna jumps up and down with glee*

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!!! Did you get it on Garbage night??? I poisonally have gotten some of my very best stuff on Garbage Night which coincidentally happens to be tonight in my area so I can't chat too long. Believe me! That old saying that my Mother always told me about trash and treasure essentially being one and the same thing so many times coitenly is true!!!!!

You know, when you first popped into the SI Web Site, I remembered you know! *nudge nudge wink wink* BUT.....if there were ANY DOUBTS remaining, seeing that chair blew em all right out the window!

I really love that chair!

Now WHERE is our other sister????? *Donna places hands on hips*

Gina! Ohhhhh GINA!

DJ...We've just GOTTA get Gina in here with us! Then it'll all be just like it was in our last

....our last time together! *knowing and profound wink*

EEK! I've gotta run! I just peeked out the window and I see ALL sorts of wonderful trash! I mean treasure!!!!

I'll see you later Sis! K????

Until I do....wish me well on my search...and let's pray that our other Sister makes her way in soon! K?

Love Ya!!!

Bubeye for now!!!!!

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