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What kinda queshun is dat? Am I a Staten Islander? Ax JR, ax rs, ax Gina, ax OT or Margie, ax Art, ax DBLIVIT. No don't ax DBLIVIT - he caught me putting St. Vincent's Hospital in th wrong place. So he still ain't sure I'm not a ringer. But honest injun - born & raised on SI. Lived in Richmondtown, Great Kills, Bay Terrace, Grant City and New Dorp. Hung around a lot in Stapleton chasing a female of the species. Graduate of NDHS.
Went to your Coastie site. Great pictures! Impressive stuff.
Now I gotta' tell my Navy vs Coast Guard joke. They just changed the recruitment rules for the Coast Guard. Ya hafta be at least six feet tall to get in now. In case the ship sinks, you can walk ashore :-)


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