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I'm sorry DJ, I disagree with you. I'm not particularly religious myself, but feces on a religious icon exceeds the bounds of acceptable expression. Granted those who don't like it, don't have to view it, but why should their tax money support it. I would defend with my life the artist's right to produce and display it, but at their own expense, not with public money.
Somewhere there must be a line drawn between free expression and something that's plainly offensive. That's why we have elected officials. As long as they're in the position of public trust they were elected to, that's one of the things we charge them to do. Make that decision. Everyone may not agree with them, but that's what the next election is for. It's not a perfect system, but it's the best the world has ever known.
And just so everyone understands this, I would also defend with my life anyone's right to disagree with me.


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