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~~~The Door Opens~~~

Hey there!!! Yeah! Don't look so surprised. I really am talking to YOU! Come on in!

I knew you'd peek! *BWG* You couldn't help yourself could you? It's so nice to see you! Really! Please do come in.

~~~The Door Closes and the Coffee Pot goes on~~~

O.k.! Now that you're here, why don't you just kick off yer shoes and sit a spell. You can pull up an antique chair, a 60's bean bag or even just stand the entire time if you like. Heck! Us Yentas don't care! But by all means, do come in! The only requirement is that you bring with you your most mundane CHIT CHAT!!!

That's right! I said: CHIT CHAT!

Gender is not an issue here!!!! ALL ARE WELCOME! All you need to be a part of all of this is a love of the unimportant. Gossip is another goody but it's a plus, not a requirement.

Soooooooo Let's get going Yentas! The virtual coffee is on!!! Let's spill it! (The chit chat that is, not the coffee!)

BTW...I dedicate this string to my ~SI Gathering~ Twin.....DJ!

Here's to some great CHIT CHAT!!!! *two coffee mugs clink together somewhere in mid air*


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