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~snip~ "And don't attack just because of the anonymous post.
Be honest and attack the argument, not the person. ~snip~

Hummmm I couldn't help zooming right in on the word "attack"!

Feeling defensive are you Anonymous? I wonder why! Perhaps you already realize that most people of integrity post with their name on their posts, at least, when they want to be taken seriously they do. Then again, it could be that you're just very hungry for attention and simply HOPING and PRAYING that someone "attacks" you so you'll get some kind of vicarious thrill out of it all. Well, while I'm obviously the one who posted the story that's being bantered about and you're obviously trying your worst (and I do mean WORST *LOL*) to get my goat, I hate to inform you, but you'll get no "attacks" from me. We're clearly on two different EVERY CATEGORY!

Your request for everyone here to NOT attack you "just because" (and that's a direct quote) of the Anonymous nick is a bit audacious of a request if you ask me! *LOL* We're all suppose to ~by pass~ the Beautiful Summary of a story JUST BECAUSE some of the characters in it have some obvious flaws in them (which by the way is called a manifestation of human nature), but we're NOT suppose to ~by pass~ the fact that you won't sign your posts.."just because" you said so! *ROTFLOL*

While it's obvious from the subjective conditions you tried to impose in your post, you're neither a Philosopher nor a Debater, I am!!! I'm sorry if it upsets you, but I'm going to have to reject your ...ahhh....errrrr....*LOL*...offer to "argue". We function on two vastly different levels.

It's also very obvious that in addition to not having a clue about the Art of Debate or Philosophy, you also lack proper useage of the English language as well as accurate knowledge of Astronomy.

For the benefit of those who are scratching their heads with regard to the "See you when the moon is at perihelion in Uranus!" remark, I'll just say this....

I as well am confused...and I study Astronomy! *ROTFLOL*

I shall now explain why!

The definition of the term "perihelion" is: the point on an orbit nearest the sun. Now, how a point in space can be IN Uranus IS and ALWAYS WILL BE, a mystery to me! *LOL*

Anonymous....Consider this lesson #1 in Astronomy!

The Moon is a Luminary. It's also a Satellite to the Earth. Uranus is another planet in our Galaxy. They are BOTH Cosmic Bodies. They're two completely different PHYSICAL entities. Neither one of them can be "IN" the other!

Perhaps you left High School a bit too soon and missed that info! *shrug*

Anyway, I now bid you adieu! I wish you well in your endeavors to find someone that can communicate with you on your level. In case my last sentence confuses you, the translation is: I hope you find someone else that loves to "argue".


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