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I have a little quote over my desk that says "Success is not achieved once, but continuously"

There is a battle for freedom of artistic expression (as you mentioned and the famous "Maplethorpe" works that were censored in Washington D.C.). This "censorship" is similar to activities that threaten the freedom to teach science topics like Darwinian Evolution (can't do it in Kansas).

These freedoms are in jeopardy along with other individual freedoms (speech, race, gender, religion and s*xual persuasion).

The battle for individual freedoms was reaching a level of success. Many concluded that success had been achieved. However, recent rise in "Right Wing Conservative Christian" organizations with "Political Connections" threatens these freedoms.

I read recently that there is a college being constructed in Virginia for children reared in "Christian" home-schooling environments. One of the "required" topics will be training in methods of Political Agitation to support the Christian Right agenda. Such commitment to political action makes it possible that we may return to the level of freedom that existed during the Inquisition.

Whenever censorship is being done, vigilance is needed lest we lose our essential freedoms.


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