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On 10/1/99 9:01:16 AM, sipoet wrote:
>Hey Anonymous,
>I do respect your argument and
>certainly agree with you about
>the "God will get you one day"
>tenor of the piece. Okay, so
>it was a little warm and
>fuzzy, but this kind of thing
>has been warming up people for
>a long time. No harm done to a
>critical reader, right?
>By the way, I was mystified
>about Uranus crack..



Join the club. I was also mystified by the Uranus crack particularly because it made no sense! *LOL* (I'll explain in another post.) BTW...thank you for expressing it that way because that's PRECISELY what it was...a CRACK! It was a sarcastic and childish reference to the fact that I study Astrology and Astronomy although I'm sure that Anonymous's fear is due to my knowledge of Astrology. The Uranus bit was way out of line and not at all in context (in even the remotest of ways) with the subject matter being discussed.

Your other point: "no harm done to a critical reader" is also RIGHT ON! Let's examine something here. According to "Anonymous", we're suppose to take the ENTIRE story "The Gift Of Love", which as you've accurately stated DOES make many "warm and fuzzy" and HAS been "warming up people for a long time" and consider it childish and 6th Grade~ish because of a few none pure and INSIGNIFICANT points to it, but we're NOT suppose to take into account that all of this was stated by someone not PURE enough as a human being to have the self dignity and integrity to put his name on the post. (And YES! I said HE because I know just who it is!)

Does anyone else see a double standard here? I do!

The bottom line here is that there was a bottom line MESSAGE to the story and it looks like "Anonymous" is the only one that didn't get it.


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