1200 Manor Road, Staten Island, NY 10314

Phone: 718-698-4200

It is the mission of our school to instill the desire for personal and academic excellence in all students; to assist students in unlocking their individual potential as they strive for excellence; to cause to develop in students an understanding and appreciation of the responsibilities and limitations by good citizenship; to provide students with the means to understand the genesis and evolution of our culture and civilization and the unique multicultural nature of the American nation; to provide students with the necessary foundations for the achievement of individual life goals in a technologically and ecologically changing world; to develop and to maintain the ancillary support and pupil personnel services concomitant with the success of the mission; and to educate parents concerning their importance in the achievement of this mission, as well as the manner in which to aid their children, and the opportunities available through the school and community to assist them in this endeavor.

Communications-Institute for Multimedia Studies- The Multi-Media Institute provides students with the opportunity to obtain hands on experiences in the many different forms of mass media. Critical thinking, reading, expository writing, and creative writing skills are stressed. Courses which explore television, journalism, video-taping, film making, creative writing, poetry, and drama are offered. Opportunities to work with Staten Island Cable are presented.

Technology Education- includes production systems, advanced wood technology, transportation systems, electricity, electronics, and digital electronics.

Emergency Medical Techniques- students are scheduled for a foundation course in emergency medical techniques.

Law and Politics-Institute for Law and Politics- The Institute for Law and Politics approaches the study of history and government through an emphasis upon the development of legal and governmental systems in global as well as United States history. Students are encouraged to investigate the changing concepts of law. In addition, the effect of law and politics on our every day lives is examined. Enrichment activities include mock trial competitions, debates, trips, and guest speakers.

Accounting- includes accounting; financial information processing; business analysis ; computer applications: business simulations.

Visual Arts-includes studio in art, creative crafts; advertising; drawing and beginning and advanced painting and sculpture; fashion illustration; photography; art history; creative problem solving for portfolio development; mentor in advertising program; guest lecturers.

Math/Science/ Institute-four years of Regents level mathematics and science; program includes Math/Science Seminar, guest speakers, trips. Selected students work in close conjunction with mentors from the Institute for Basic Research , the College of Staten Island, and University Hospital. Outstanding projects are entered in Westinghouse and/or Science Competitions.

Clerical-electronic information processing; business analysis; computer applications. Marketing and Sales- keyboarding; principles of marketing and management; retailing; business operations and ownership; finance.

Data Processing-includes keyboarding: programming (two years); business analysis and taxation; COBOL; accounting; computer applications; business, law: management; psychology.

Academy for Young Executives- This Institute will develop each member's highest potential for success in the business world. Students in this program will select courses that will allow them to specialize in computers (information technologies), accounting, finance, or marketing. As members of the AYE program, students will have priority in enrollment for special elective course in their career area.

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