100 Luten Avenue, Staten Island , NY 10312

Phone: 718-356-2220

Founded nearly a century ago, Tottenville High School offers students a vision for the future. As a recognized school of excellence, Tottenville is determined to provide students with character, citizenship, and academics in preparation for the America of the 21st century. The Tottenville community-students, parents, and staff- is very proud of its graduates and their contributions to society.

Computer Aided Drafting-technical drawing; mechanical drawing; architectural drafting; residential structures.

Marine Science-courses include oceanography and marine biology; opportunity for paid internships; college preparatory.

Technology Education- includes technical drawing, computer aided design, graphics; study of systems of production and communications; computer assisted drafting.

Dental Laboratory Processing- pouring models, making bite blocks; investing, packing, finishing, repairing full upper and lower dentures; crown and bridge design and fabrication; use of porcelain in denture production.

Dental Assistant- basic skills needed to assist dentist in private practice of dental clinic: office management, keyboarding, assisting in dental specialties and emergencies, supervised clinical experience.

Nursing Assistant- introduction to health occupations, body structures, vital signs, infection control, first aid; care of nonacute patients; opportunity for supervised clinical experience.

Performing Arts Institute- Includes

Instrumental Music- includes the role of music in our lives; development of performance skills in strings, winds and brass, guitar; junior, intermediate, concert, symphonic bands; jazz band; orchestra.

Vocal Music- includes the role of music in our lives; development of vocal skills through study of varied choral literature.

Drama- theater history, Greek and Shakespearean theater, American theater, acting, directing, lighting; juniors and senior participate in traveling theater troupe.

Visual Arts- includes studio art, and state-of-the- art TV lab with satellite dish.

Auto Service Center Specialist- automotive theory and service of power plant, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components; engine and chassis theory, rebuilding and servicing; live shop.

Science Institute- Four year college prep program which emphasizes the natural sciences, culminating in advanced placement courses. Freshman take biology and chemistry. Advanced electives available.

Career Institute- Includes

Accounting- finance, money and banking-includes two years of accounting plus college level accounting course in affiliation with Pace University; Academy of Finance courses explore the world of finance, stock market, banking economics and Wall St. operations, with opportunity for internship.

Data Processing- includes programming (two years) business analysis, computer applications, electronic information processing and word processing.

Clerical- electronic information processing, business analysis, computer applications.

Humanities Cluster- program emphasizes interdisciplinary studies in English and social studies and electives in comparative culture, music, art and American Film. Enrichment activities include visits to cultural sites, theater, concerts, opera; preparation of literary magazines and humanities newspapers; independent study.

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