If you have been evaluated by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) as needing special services and your parent or guardian has agreed, an Individual Education Program (IPE) has been prepared to meet your needs. You are eligible to receive the services described on your (IEP)

Career programs are available to you if you need instruction in a self-contained classroom. Most of these programs parallel career programs offered in the general education (mainstream programs). Therefore, the opportunity will be open to you to continue your program, should you become eligible for part-time or full-time mainstream classes.

There are also new bilingual career programs in self-contained classes as well.

As a Special Education student you may apply to all programs- general education and special education- unless ineligible by borough residence. Special education students may take the examination for admission to the science high schools and to performance programs as well as any other school offerings.

Any students whose IEP indicates a need for special testing conditions must be tested under the conditions noted. Your current school should notify the testing school of the need for special testing conditions.

Students should obtain information on the specific requirements of each program well before the date scheduled for the examination/performance test.

Additional information about special education programs is available from each high school and/ or from the Office of High School Admissions, telephone: (212)481-7034.

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