Innis Street and St. Joseph's Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10302

Phone: 718-273-3600

Port Richmond High School's Slogan, "The school with a heart, educating students for the 21st century in a state-of-the-art facility ," defines its mission. The New Port Richmond High School has become truly comprehensive by virtue of its technology, advanced academic, art and career programs. The instructional philosophy is based on the belief that all students can succeed with motivation, direction and support. The interdisciplinary instructional program features student centered classroom where critical thinking, problem solving and creativity is stressed. All students are directed to explore the rich opportunities available to develop themselves to their fullest potential.

College Discovery and Development Program- CDDP provides smaller class size, special guidance counselors, academic remediation and cultural and enrichment activities. It assists the students in making a successful transition to high school and helps them begin planning for college careers.

Architectural Drafting- Math Science and technical drawing, computer assisted design and drafting with an emphasis on critical thinking; pre-engineering.

Communications-students participate in a variety of classes including Speech/ American Drama, Journalism, Acting, Advanced Acting, Creative Writing, Great Books, Theater and Play Production, Traveling Theater Workshop, and Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese); courses demonstrate the ways in which we exchange and develop ideas both verbally and in writing.

Technology Education- introduces students to the latest concepts in production systems and communications systems: example course offerings in these areas include full programs in photography, including color photography, computer assisted manufacturing techniques, modern compugraphic equipment for computer type setting and basic to advanced woodworking.

Law (careers in law or the criminal justice system)- Courses include Introduction to the American law, Criminology, Trial Procedures, The American Legal System, Urban Law I, Urban Law II, Business Law and a law internship. The umbrella program known as the Port Richmond Legal Institute is associated with the American Bar Association, the New Criminology, Trial Procedures, The American Legal System, Urban Law I, Urban Law II, Business Law and a law internship. The umbrella program known as the Port Richmond Legal Institute is associated with the American Bar Association, the New York State Mock Trial Program and the New York District Attorney's Mentor Program, and is paired with Wall Street law offices of Cahill, Gordon and Reindel.

Date Entry Accounting- financial information processing; accounting (one year); business analysis' computer applications.

Core Art Program- an intensive course of study for serious artists. years 2 or 3 periods a day. Students who enter into the program develop a portfolio as one of their major high school goals. This is a pre-professional track that includes graphics, life and figure drawing, print-making and the use of various other media.

Math/Science Research for Collegiate Academy- three years of Regents level math and science are part of a program designed to introduce students to basic techniques in research in science and mathematics. Emphasis is place on problem solving, critical thinking and study skills.

Pre-Engineering- a program designed to encourage students to enter the professional world of engineering. Six years of academic math are offered including Advanced Placement Mathematics and College Extension where students may receive college credit while still in high school. Six years of academic sciences are also offered including Advanced Placement Biology and Chemistry. The highlights of the program are the Computer Assisted Design/Drafting (CADD) and classes in the brand new technology center including robots, electronics, and a satellite weather station.

Computer-a variety of courses are offered for students interested in this field of computers and computer technology. The program contains BASIC programming, Pascal, and Independent Study. Courses are also offered in computer applications and computer-assisted design and manufacturing.

Humanities- interdisciplinary approach to English, social studies, art history, music and drama. Youngsters are able to discover through their studies the intellectual and social correlations among different subject areas. Related course offerings are drama, journalism, creative writing, and foreign language. Students participate in many extra and c0-curricular activities including Arts Connection, The Metropolitan Opera Education Program, the New York and the World Program, trips to museums, newspaper study, contests and for scholarships.

Career Institute-program includes accounting, shorthand (Gregg), keyboarding, financial information procession and word processing. Emphasis is placed on career guidance as well as skill development. Field trips to corporations, colleges, business schools and employment agencies are an on going part of the Institute.

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