465 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY 10306

Phone: 718-667-8686

Institute of Science and Mathematics-a challenging Honors program for gifted and talented students which provides college level courses and advanced lab research opportunities for Westinghouse Science Talent Search and other prestigious contests. Emphasis on improving critical thinking, computational skills and computer literacy; field trips, visiting lecturers and off-site courses at the College of Staten Island and Polytechnic University round out the program. The institute has its own parent advisory council.

Corporate Center For Design and International Trade- This program uses an interdisciplinary, global approach to the study of business, foreign language and commercial art. A seminar on portfolio development is included. Workplace shadowing, mentoring and internships will be provided by major corporations. Ten students will pilot an internship with SAV-ON. Eventually, this will become a part of the Corporate Center.

Visual Arts- a program of studies emphasizing creativity and skill development in Fine and Commercial Art. The art career guidance program assists students in the preparation of a portfolio for admissions to art colleges. Curriculum offerings include global art, studio art I and II, commercial art, illustration, photography, printmaking, ceramics, calligraphy and college art. Related subjects include architectural drawing and stage design.

Humanities- an honors program emphasizing interdisciplinary studies in English, social studies, art music, and foreign language; project and problem-solving approach; special seminars and guest lecturers.

Law/American Studies-an interdisciplinary approach combining American history and literature with the study of law in an evolving social system; business law is also included.

Business- Business offers electronic information processing, advanced keyboarding, business computer applications; Management and Finance includes accounting (two years), college accounting, business computer applications, business law; and Marketing includes principles of marketing: hands on applications of advertising techniques, business operations and ownership; each program offers work experience.

Technology- Technology includes areas of mechanical and architectural drawing, graphics, transportation and production systems, computer aided manufacturing and drafting.`

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