(Ralph R McKee Vocational-Technical High School)
2900 ST. Mark's Place, Staten Island, NY 10301
Phone: 718-273-4000

Mckee High School has two distinct missions interwoven into its programs. The first is to provide a high school diploma for every student; the second is to prepare every student with entry level skills in one of our vocational trades. In addition, we provide the background for our students to assume a responsible role in society and motivate them to continue their learning whether on the job or formally through post-secondary education. Whether they choose college or work upon graduation, they have the opportunity to enter fields with excellent earning potential that can provide them with a good standard of living and the ability to contribute to their community in a meaningful way. Successful graduates become teachers, union tradesmen, business owners and civil servants. Students are urged to participate in extra-curricular activities, including sports, social events and work study programs.

Drafting- preparation of detailed drawings from data provided by scientists, engineers and architects. Use of computer assisted drafting (CAD), compasses, protractors and computer aided drafting programs to produce drawings for the design of mechanical equipment, machine parts and buildings.

Industrial/Residential Electrician Program- includes electrical theory, AC and DC, use of voltmeters, ohmmeters, ammeters, Watt meters, design and wiring for signal systems, motors, residential and commercial light, heat and power.

Plumbing Program- theory and practice of plumbing including tool skills, use of pipe materials (copper, PVC, cast iron, steel), design and installation of water intake and waste systems, theory of sewage treatment and gas line and furnace installation.

Computer Repair Program- includes an introduction to electrical theory, AC/DC theory and instrumentation; digital applications; computer troubleshooting and repair.

Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Program- the design and construction of wood products, hand tools skills, machine tool (saws, lathes, jointers, planers, sharpers) shills; wood theory and design are employed in the production of finished furniture and on residential and commercial construction.

Graphics Program- includes all phases of graphic reproduction, including photography, graphic design, layout, composition, computer typesetting, word processing, platemaking, camera, darkroom procedures, presswork and bindery; theory and practice and the production of finished printed materials.

Cosmetology Program- theory and practice involved in skin care, hair styling and care, and nail technology; chemical implications of beauty products and the techniques of selling, demonstrating and operating a business. Computer imaging is utilized for hair do and makeup preview. One thousand hours of instruction are required for the New York State license exam.

Auto Service Center Specialist- design and repair theory and practice for automobiles, including chassis, wheel alignment, suspension system, electrical system, ignition system, engine tune-ups, valves, brakes and exhaust; use of hand tool, electronic analyzers and standard auto equipment.

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