105 Hamilton Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301

Phone: (718)273-7380

Curtis is the oldest academic comprehensive high school on Staten Island with a rich tradition of community service, athletic, and academic excellence.

The schools' staff and administration believe that the best way to meet the rapidly changing needs of our students, parent and faculty is through collaboration and team work. Consequently, four years ago, Curtis High School elected to be one of the first schools in New York City to participate in the school system's School Based Management/Shared Decision Making initiative.

The initial team consisting of parents, teachers and administrators adopted the following mission statement as its guiding principle: "Curtis will be a nurturing community where all of its members will have the desire and opportunity to ACHIEVE THEIR FULLEST POTENTIAL. " Curtis's mission statement reflects what the school community believes is essential to create a community of learners who are ready to face challenges of life.

Programs For Students with Limited English Proficiency: English as a Second Language

Programs for Students Zoned or Assigned to Curtis:

Practical Nursing- includes health occupations foundation; content and process of nursing skills, human growth and development, nutrition; anatomy and physiology; pharmacology with mathematical calculations. There is a clinical component during the junior and senior years. The senior year course deals with nursing care problems of the ill adult and child as well as the care of pregnant woman and newborn. Student participate in supervised clinical experiences in acute and long term care health agencies. There is a [post graduation clinical leadership and management component to prepare the graduating practical nurse for his/her job responsibilities. Upon completion of the 1514 supervised hours, students are eligible to take the licensing examination for practical nurse.

Nursing Assistant- introduction to health occupations, body structures, vital signs, infection control, first aid. During the junior and senior years the nursing student learns skills that enable them to give safe, effective care to non-acute clients in health care agencies. The aging process is addresses through the study of structure and function of the human body. A supervised clinical experience of 108 hours in long term care is included.

Institute of Human and Legal Services Program- Law influences every aspect of our lives. As a member of a family, as a worker, as an entrepreneur, as a taxpayer, each of us is affected by the law. Therefore, law related education is of primary concern if students are to become participating citizens in today's society. The focus of the Institute of Human and Legal Serves provides a basic theme "law-The Foundation of Human Society" on which many courses are structured. Courses include Criminal Law and Justice, Trial and Debate, Great Trials in AMERICAN History and Business Law. Students have the opportunity to trace social, cultural and corresponding legal developments on global, national and local levels. In addition to regular academic subject curricula, this program is enriched by visits to state, federal and municipal courts, victims services agencies, Office of the District Attorney, the Staten Island Bas Association and participation in Mock trial and Moot court and Lincoln-Douglas Debate competitions. The program culminates in Mentor Law. This course is taught in conjunction with a Wall Street law firm which provides lawyers to work directly with Curtis students.

Performing Arts- The Performing Arts Program includes sequences in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance and Theater Arts.

Music-Courses prepare students for performance in symphonic band, concert band, orchestra, jazz band and guitar ensemble. Students take music theory, history and conducting. Vocal music students may participate in concert choir. Students are prepared for Music Regents and Advanced Placement exams.

Dance-Introductory courses include fundamentals of ballet, modern and jazz dancing; basic Graham techniques in ballet; development of repertory skills (movement, memory and focus); improvisation and choreography.

Theater Arts-Students study all disciplines of theater in a workshop setting. There are 8 terms of sequential course in acting, voice, dance, stage lighting, set design and production. All instruction takes place in the newly renovated performing arts theater or appropriate studio.

Building and Construction (Rough Carpentry)- theory and application of skills in the areas of carpentry and technical drawing, plumbing, electrical wiring, blue print reading. Students will construct houses.

Science/Math Research-three years of regents level science and math. Selected student work in close conjunction with professors from the College of Staten Island to perform various research projects. Outstanding projects are entered in Westinghouse and/or science fair competition.

Computer Science/Computer Math Programs- three years of Regents level mathematics and science; in addition students use and write original programs for personal microcomputers (APPLE and OBM) in BASIC. Computer Theory and the computer's importance in society toady are taken in conjunction with regular math classes. Students learn the use of computers in business and math; graphics. Opportunity exisits for hands-on laboratory experiences in computer science 3-5 days beyond regular school hours.

The International Baccalaureate/Scholarship Program- A challenging, culturally enriched program designed for academically gifted students. Students who successfully achieve the programs requirements may receive up to one year's advanced standing at prestigious universities throughout the world. Rigorous instruction, frequent guest lecturers, special events and off-island excursions characterize the program.. Curriculum offerings include second languages; history, and social sciences; experimental sciences; mathematics; music; art and computer science. Students in this program may participate in science and math cluster programs, in other attractive programs such as Performing Arts, Naval Junior ROTC, and in special features-e.g. Law as a Profession, Student Foreign Exchange, Project Discovery, and the science colloquium as well as a variety of sports activities.

School for International Service Program- This academic program is well designed to broaden the student's awareness of global issues. Global awareness is stimulated through special courses in social studies, second languages and independent science research. The program features guest speakers, field trips, foreign exchange opportunities, correlated learning exercises, a lecture series at the College of Staten Island Colloquium, and cooperative education programs with the College of Staten Island.

Business/Keyboarding-introduction to occupations; electronic information processing, word processing; business analysis, computer applications and business communication courses combine to offer the students a well rounded computer/business preparation for either entry level jobs or college.

Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps- Courses and activities include naval orientation, leadership, naval history, navigation, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology and electronics, drill competitions, sea cruises aboard naval ships, field trips to military installations, parades and social events.

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