109 Rhine Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10304

Phone: (718)447-1274,75,80

The mission of Concord High School is to prepare students academically for a diploma and to equip them with survival skills. The staff will help the students develop realistic life goals and the socially acceptable means by which to attain them by elevating their self-esteem and consciousness of their obligation to society.

We will accomplish this mission by providing a supportive environment (through family activities, small group articulation, and significant personal attention to foster bonding with positive adult role models) in which both cognitive and affective learning takes place. Social skills, moral values and ethical behavior will be cultivated and marketable skills in critical thinking will be emphasized.

When students' self-esteem is raised, their receptivity to accepting personal responsibility likewise increases and academic achievement will occur. The marriage of these outcomes will result in the student's becoming productive members of society.

Programs For Students Assigned to Concord

Students who attend this school will advise their counselor of their program interest.

Special Features

Cooperative Programs with the College of Staten Island- Twelfth grade students are offered an opportunity to take courses in the afternoon and evening for high school and college credit.

Computer Programs- programs in BASIC language and in Pascal. Computer literacy courses introduce word processing and database management. Computers are used in non-computer subject areas.

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